What if you weren't scared? 

When you wake up, do you start your day with going through your to-do list and your thoughts fly from one thing to the next? Your body doesn't feel rested, complaints come up and you get frustrated more easily?

You experience unsatisfaction during the day, you are stuck in your head and you end up doing things that don't make you feel the way you want to feel. 

At the end of the day you go to bed with those thoughts again that keep spinning around in your head.  

What are the consequences that you accept by not changing anything? 

Change is scary.
But so is staying the same ...

What I offer: 

  • Reiki session of 90 minutes where I will restore harmony between your body and mind, remove blockages and help you to completely relax starting off with meditating together. 

  • Women Circles where you will experience the power of connection and self-discovery. It's a a transformative journey of mindfulness, meditation, and authentic connections with like-minded individuals.


1 on 1 Coaching


Please behavior


This is for you if you are overthinking and suffering from a full head. 
Does this resonate? 
- My body starts showing me my limits
- I am mostly on auto-pilot running in the rat race
- I feel like I am being lived 
- I get frustrated over little things that can ruin my day

This is for you if fear blocks you from doing what you really want or being who you really are. 
Are you for instance afraid of one of the following? 
- letting go of a (long-term) relationship
- Showing yourself and your emotions? 
- leaving my home town or country to start over

This is for you if you are used to putting others first and always being there for others. 
Does this resonate: 
- I avoid saying no as I am afraid of the consequences
- I always think of the opinion of others first when I do something
- I find it hard to come up for myself

Topics I can help you with: 

Book your Free Intake

Book your Free Intake

Book your Free Intake

Almost there!

Directly book your free intake. In the intake you will experience if you feel comfortable to start your journey with me. I will listen to your story and together we will define what you want to achieve. Depending on where you are the intake can be live or online. I am looking forward to meeting you!


Sabine helped me reflect on future and past situations and was very thorough in her approach. She really goes to the bottom of the reasons for thoughts and actions that I take. This enabled me to decide what is desirable for my future and current circumstances and left me feeling quite relaxed once I became more clear about my intentions and ideals. 

"I was able to decide what is desirable for my future."

I have learned from the coaching with Sabine that I am a lot in my head and that my thougths are leading me. Through the coaching I was able to understand them better and let them influence me less. The coaching showed me some of my limiting beliefs that don't help. Now I can react better in situations and feel free and empowered.  

"I feel free and empowered."



Thanks a lot Sabine for our coaching sessions. Through different methods I was able to connect more with myself as well as put my inner saboteur on mute. I learned how to show more emotions and I see them now more as a strength than a weakness. 

"I was able to mute my inner saboteur."


"I had the pleasure of working with Sabine during a year of my life in which a lot of changes took place. She was a source of new ideas, other viewpoints and not afraid to challenge me. I have gained some very interesting insights into the workings of my inner self and it was eye-opening to explore my mind with her. Thank you."

"It was eye-opening to explore my mind."


"I made steps that I didn't expect at all."


Sabine helped me to look differently at myself. The sessions weren't pleasant all the time for me (sometimes they were ;-)). She asked me questions that I didn't want to hear. But those questions helped me to understand more about myself and address issues from another angle. This was quite different compared to previous coaches I had. Sabine listens very well and picks up where the pain points are. I am very happy that I had the chance to work with Sabine. I made steps I didn't expect at all. 

"I reconsiderd deep-rooted behavior patterns."


I am very grateful for my coaching experience with Sabine. By listening, asking the right questions and using visualization tools, she has inspired me to reconsider deep-routed behavior patterns and to rethink my behavior and that of others privately and professionally. Irrespective of this, you also feel comfortable in her presence and trust her immediately.

About my journey... 

My autopilot was programmed to focus on others first, instead of myself. That is what I was perfect at. Mainly I didn't say what I actually wanted to say because I was afraid of the consequences. Also I crossed my limits and did things I didn't fully support. All from fear of rejection, that people wouldn't like me anymore.

I convinced myself that my relationship was perfect, I was earning good money, living a life everybody would want. And still everyday I was waking up with that numbness, feeling that I was living the life of someone else. Buried in the back of my head I thought ‘is this really it? Is this what I want to experience in my life?’

What made me change?

My partner and I wanted to go on a trip together. And suddenly through circumstances I had to decide if I also would go alone. When I went on that plane all by myself I realized that I could no longer ignore my intuition. I was deeply unhappy and there was nobody on this earth that could change that but me. I had to face my fears. It was no longer serving me to listen to the beliefs that helped in the past but now only hold me back. I wanted to feel strong, strong on my own, connected with my inner power so I could really connect with others and live my truth.
I started working with a coach who made me realize that everything I long for is already within me. She helped me to rediscover myself. I was on a rollercoaster which didn't always feel nice. I was able to make small steps and deep inside I felt that everything will be ok and I am on the right path. I learned that I am not my thoughts and how meditation can bring me inner peace.

Now I meditate daily which helps me feel connected with everything. I left my lovely partner and I feel so free, which gives me tremendous power and peace. I bought my own house and built my own company. I am the creator of my life which takes place here and now. I speak my truth because I trust the process and only when I express myself I can create what I desire. The small fire turned into a big bonfire!

I want to pass on my fire by guiding you. In our coaching sessions I will be your mirror by listening to what is being said so we can discover together which beliefs are holding you back. You will slowly learn how to let go of control and to trust the process. My purpose is for you to find and follow your fire! I will be next to you supporting you to reconnect with your inner power, so you can speak your truth, love yourself and create a life that feels truly like you.

I coach in English, German and Dutch. 
Look here for more information about my education as coach and psychologist: 

Sisters Rising 

Shedding Skins & Meeting yourself: Join Sisters Rising and take time for yourself

Deep Self-Connection: Discover inner wisdom through meditation, mindfulness and reflections, to connect with our inner parts.
Supportive Sisterhood: Join a nurturing community of like-minded women for shared growth
Empowerment Tools: Gain practical techniques to be present, embrace strengths and let go of limitations.
Accessible for all levels; no previous experience needed

Are you ready to shed the old skin and meet your true self?
Welcome to Sisters Rising: an empowering women's circle where we break free from old patterns and embrace a new paradigm of collaboration and support. We believe in celebrating the beauty and wisdom of each woman, fostering authentic connections and uplifting one another on our journeys of growth and empowerment.

Are you seeking a space where competition is replaced with genuine sisterhood? A place where you can connect with like-minded women, learn from their experiences, and be inspired to reach for your dreams? Look no further.

In these circles, we create a nurturing environment where you can shed the masks that no longer serve you and meet your true self. It's a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth. We will dive deep through meditation, mindfulness and reflection practices that help you to let go, to invite the new and to develop your dreams.

Studio 108 Amsterdam
9th of June at 17.30-20.00

Sliding Scale from 22€-55€ - give what you can 

"The circle with Sabine was very insightful and a great combination of an introduction to the concept of mindfulness and practical exercises and tips. Sabine created a welcoming and intimate atmosphere and during the workshop I felt safe to share anything with her and the other participants. 10/10 I would really recommend it."

"In the circle we learned how you can be more aware of your feelings in any situation and how you can adjust your behavior accordingly. It was a nice mix of practical exercises and meditation. Sabine created a nice, open atmosphere, which made me feel free to share my thoughts and feelings."

"I received valuable tips how I can incorporate mindfulness in my life. After the workshop I left with a relaxed body and calm mind. I would really recommend this if you want to get a better connection with your own body and mind."

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